Mobile Health

Uniek nummer Numéro unique 16-161-003
Domein Domaine C
# punten # credits 1
Benaming van de activiteit Dénomination de l’activité Mobile Health
Organisator Organisateur Farma vzw

Informatie meegedeeld door de organisator – Information communiquée par l’organisateur

Aard Nature Conferentie, cursus, les; open voor alle officina – apothekers
Data en plaatsen Dates et lieus Zaterdag 22/10/2016 – 14u30-15u30
Paleis 1 – Heizel – Brussel (ter gelegenheid van Pharmanology 2016)
(Duur 1uur)
Taal/Talen Langue(s) NL
Website Site web
Spreker Orateur Koen Kas
Beknopte beschrijving van de activiteit – Description succincte de l’activité
“With the first 3D printed medication approved, with precision medicine the new talk of the town, digital drugs and electroceuticals on the horizon, the pharmacy of the near future will expand its offering significantly.That cornerstone will no longer simply sell products, but offer plenty of services and mobile health experiences.
In a visual fireworks of examples, with insights from abroad, and plenty of opportunities for today, I will show how tomorrows pharmacy would redefine its central position in our care system.
No longer sickcare, but a new healthcare which will be data-driven, always on, predictive, preventive, affordable and full of delight.”